Gentleman’s Must Haves

A gentleman is expected to be prepared to deal with any and every unforeseen circumstance. The following must haves will come in handy from time to time.

A Made to Measure Suit

The purpose of a made to measure suit is self-evident: the fitting is impeccable, the details are top-notch, sleeve buttons are functional. A true gentleman is understated and ow-profile.

A Fountain Pen

Agreed that sometimes fountain pens are cumbersome to write, especially if you are in a hurry; besides, the ink will not work well on some surfaces. For a quick jotting down of a phone number or directions you have the rollerball or ballpoint, but when you want to confer gravity to a document, nothing replaces a good fountain pen. You may have your name or initials engraved on the cap and the pen will become a beautiful heirloom. The only “problem” with fountain pens is that you tend to become a collector – lawyers and doctors are serious candidates!

A Real Camera

Agreed, your smartphone has a resolution of a thousand of pixels. But sometimes you may prefer to have complete control over the shutter speed, focus, depth of field and other adjustments to produce that perfect photo of your significant other, of your kid or of that once-in-a-lifetime, perfect sunset over the sea.

A Signature Scent

It happens that people sometimes remember you by your scent. Our olfactory memory is amazing: I can still remember the smell of curtains in my grandfather’s house.

Here’s a tip from Doc & Mark: use a cologne that evokes good memories. It will make you happy, and your good mindset spreads around you like the scent you chose to wear on that day.

A Pristine White Shirt

If you had to have only one shirt in your wardrobe, probably it would be a white shirt with spread collar and French cuffs, made of a good fabric.

If you really want to hit it, have two classic white shirts: one that you use weekly and another kept neatly folded (or hanging) in your wardrobe. You never know if a friend will surprise you with a formal party – or if that old uncle decides to leave this world. A white shirt is simply unbeatable in terms of versatility.

Linen Handkerchief

Yes, you may use them as pocket squares, too, but its primary utility is blowing your nose, cleaning your glasses or drying up your lady’s tears when the need arises. Linen lasts a lifetime, and good quality linen handkerchiefs may be passed from father to son through generations.

A Toolbox with Tools

Considered good practice for men. The idea here is to collect the most used tools in a single place, so that you don’t have to search for a wrench when the tap starts to sprinkle water around the kitchen, for instance.

Formal Genuine Shoes

A gentleman’s character is known by the shoe he wears. Formal shoes are comfortable and add strength to character. Choosing a formal leather shoe is not difficult at all. But it is important to know the types of formal leather shoes available and then choose one that best suits you.

Formal shoes are usually made from leather and luxurious materials like suede. Each one gives a level of elegance such that the pair can be worn on formal black-tie events as well.

Types of formal shoes for men are:

  • Monk straps
  • Oxford Men’s
  • Derby Men’s
  • Brogue Oxfords
  • Cap Toes
  • Long Wing Derby
  • Wing Tip Formal
  • Saddle Formal’s

A Serious Watch

The first and the only jewel a man owns, the watch is an inestimable friend every gentleman should own. First, consider the main use of your watch: is it for professional wear? Evening wear? Weekend wear? There are watches that may be worn in most occasions, but as a rule of thumb think of the dial and the strap.

An uncluttered, clean dial is better for professional use, preferably with a leather strap; an evening watch may have a dark dial, also with a leather strap; and a weekend or sportive watch may be more elaborate, such as a chronograph or diving model, with metal or rubber strap.

A Quality Belt

Ideally, the belt should have folded edges. It can be handsewn or machine-sewn because that will outlast every glue. You want it to be made from a quality leather from the inside and out and ideally, you should always match the colour of your belt to your leather shoes.