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If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return your order FREE OF CHARGE to us within 15 days from the receipt of the shipment for a full refund with purchase details and document such as your order number, item number and tracking number from your original confirmation e-mail while asking for free return. The returned product(s) must be in the original packaging, and the merchandise should be in the same condition as when received and please note that claim should be genuine. So if for whatever reason you're not happy with your purchase, please send us with documental / information support and reasonable comment, and just contact us through e-mailing at online@docandmark.com. 


Free Shipping

We provide swift and FREE shipping on all order destinations within India. We carefully inspect and securely package your order prior to shipment to deliver your order accurately, in good condition, and always on time. The minimum order value accepted by us is Rs.2000. If the order made is below the mentioned amount, the order will be not be accepted by us. Each order may be shipped only to a single destination address specified at the time of payment for that order. Our Standard shipping duration for orders is 7 business days from the time an order was placed. We ship on all week days (Monday to Friday), excluding public holidays. Please note all items (including gifts if any) will be shipped with an invoice mentioning the price, as per Indian Tax Regulations For any information or assistance please mail to us at online@docandmark.com


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Why Us..

Synonym to Fineness in Fashion & Comfort

The flagship product being formal leather shoes, Doc&Mark's edge over competition comes in areas like, quality of leather used, excellent craftsmanship and choicest selection of designs; together which ensures that every piece that customer owns is a classic example of perfection in comfort and style.

The authority on leather that Doc&Mark today enjoys comes from the continuing efforts of the research and development team that works towards gaining the most updated knowledge about the art and science of leather.

Style Statement

This Style statement that Doc&Mark stands for is the reflection of the customer experience testifying the image and status that every proud owner enjoys. Being a brand that resonate respect, Doc&Mark relates to the modern achiever, his tastes and preferences. By owing a Doc&Mark, one steps-up to a league that sets him apart from the rest.

Doc&Mark's products features all the signature offerings of the brand, including style, quality, and precision, thereby creating a unique and unparalleled identity, enhancing the physical appearance of the person who wears them. An incomparable label that speaks for itself, Doc&Mark will help you discover latest shoe styles to refresh your attire and update your looks.


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Footwear Tips

Great looking feet can be achieved by buying shoes that are the best fit. Follow the tips below for getting that well heeled look:

  • Correct Fit: While buying the footwear, make sure the size is correct. It is always recommended to check the size of the chosen footwear by wearing them while standing. Get the feet measured always as the size may vary with brands and styles
  • Materials & Construction: Choose a material that is comfortable to wear and does not cause excessive sweating of feet. Synthetic material is best avoided as it can reduce the air circulation inside the feet. The texture of the footwear also needs to be smooth. Any outgrowing of leather or exposed seams can rub on your skin and lead to skin rash on feet. Proper material and construction of the footwear is necessary for healthy foot care
  • Style: While picking up the style to wear, go for a shoe that is comfortable. Round shaped toe box are the best suited for toes as it provides the maximum breathing space for toes. The pointed, oval and square shaped toe boxes may look good but may lead to disfigured toes on constant usage.
  • When to shop: It is best to shop for footwear in the latter half of the day. This is mainly because the feet grow larger by end of the day owing to natural swelling. For people having a flat or a wide foot, it can turn out to be a headache to find footwear that's tailor-made for them. Major departmental stores usually have footwear with different sizes and texture. They can even order one to be made the way the customer wants, if they don't have a size.
  • Foot type: Buy footwear based on your foot type. If you have a flat foot, it is recommended to have shoes with a good arch support. There are shoes which offer that. Even some of the high-heeled shoes have cushioned arch support. If you have high arches, go for shoes that have cushioning on the ball points and the heels.
  • Importance of sole and its comfort
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