Premium Grade Genuine Leather.

Crafted out of exceptional quality genuine leather developed through a robust and veracious manufacturing process. Leather is timeless. A genuine piece of leather isconsidered as stylish and it endures through all eras.Welcome to the leather-cult.

Engineered for Flawless Comfort.

Experience the luxury where superior comfort meets the prime genuine leather.Classic Collection is engineered to provide an unmatched comfort for your feet like you've never felt before. Step in and experience the difference.


Lighter than you could imagine in a leather apparel. The combination of our elegant-fine leather uppers with the superior soft leather lining makes the Classic Collection light in weight, allowing you to wear them for long hours every day.

Classic and Elegant Designs.

Derbys are eternal in terms of style. Forever, it remains a classic luxury as it can be worn by formals and casuals alike. Our unique craftsmanship blending the sturdy & stylish leather toe cap with precise and durable heel & outsole to bring out your inner classy man

Designed To Perfection.

Designed To Perfection.

Doc & Mark's Classic Collection is an exquisitely engineered product where each material used in this product is deliberately chosen and positioned for superior comfort and to reap the benefits of applied biomechanics while walking. The soft, breathable comfy socks with leather lamination & insole with metal shank provides maximum support while walking and diffuses the effect of feet on the ground by absorbing impact, resulting in proper ankle and knee support as well as a strain-free backbone. Why walk when you can float!. Take the right steps andl feel the difference in comfort with the Classic Collection series

Classic Collection
Inspiringly Classic

Sturdy Full-Grain Leather

The top-notch quality of genuine full-grain leather, which is the strongest and toughest, ensures durability that stands years of wear and use. Feel the smooth lusters of genuine leather with your hands to endure the elegance. Just like fine wine, your derby will look better and better over time as its full-grain leather absorbs oil and develops a patina from being handled. The topline is stitched with the outsoles using a Goodyear welting process that has two stitches from inside and outside, allowing for breathability and making the derby comfortable all day long every day.

Cosy Lining and Heel

Perfectly picked light weight, non- marking & high grip EVA sole teleports you to a world of comfort you've never experienced before. The heels are well engineered to absorb the impacts of foot with springs that provide rebound and give a feeling of floating instead of walking. The sole is lighter than rubber which means it has more flexibility and makes the Derby’s airy and wearable for all day long everyday.

Chic and Dapper

Derbys with a versatile finish for that killer look you've been striving for. Doc & Mark's classic collection is masterfully crafted with a touch of artistry to give you the classic look with ultimate and superior comfort. The sleek design will truly make you stand out with your luxe choice wherever you go. Our choice of pure cotton waxed laces offer a gloss and prevent loosening throughout the day. Flaunt your style with the whole new Classic Collection from the house of Doc & Mark.